5mile Coffee



At 5 Mile Coffee, we believe in simplicity. Our vision is clear: good coffee delivered with authenticity.

We’re passionate about offering the coffee community more than just a product, we ensure a greater service from bean to cup with each step of the journey aligned with our core values.

Our commitment to genuine, uncomplicated excellence is what sets us apart. 


The 5 represents the five core pillars of the coffee journey. The Farmer, where our commitment begins with sustainable practices; The Roaster – artistry that brings out authentic unique Flavors; The Barista where Skill and passion are poured into every cup; Our Customers, without you we wouldn’t have jobs!; The Community- cultivating connections, a sense of belonging and giving back.

And finally as a team we are committed to consistently going that extra MILE, ensuring unparalleled service and quality……..all while having fun and finding the joy in what we do!