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5 Mile Coffee Roastery Joins Forces with iNua Collection

This summer, 5 Mile Coffee Roastery embarked on an exciting collaboration with the iNua Collection, marking a significant milestone in the rebranding of three of their esteemed coffee docks. The result? The birth of 5Mile Coffee Bars, an offering that promises to elevate the coffee experience in three renowned hotels across Ireland: Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Cork, Radisson Blu Hotel & Spa Limerick, and Tullamore Court in Offaly.

Moreover, this partnership extends to further supply 5 Mile Coffee products across the entire iNua Collection.
The journey leading up to this remarkable endeavour was met with enthusiasm and dedication. David Jordan, the founder of 5 Mile Coffee, shared his thoughts, saying, “We were thrilled to work alongside the iNua Collection in identifying the perfect coffee roast and branding to meet the expectations of thieir valued customers and guests, while introducing a fresh coffee experience to the group. The entire process was seamless, thanks to the unwavering support from iNua and the exceptional work of our dedicated team. We now eagerly anticipate the next partnership we can collaborate on.”
With 5 Mile Coffee now firmly establishing its presence in these coffee bars, complemented by new menus and cutting-edge digital screens showcasing the coffee bars’ offerings, the future looks exceedingly promising for 5 Mile Coffee. This partnership sets the stage for a bright and vibrant journey ahead, one that’s sure to delight coffee enthusiasts across these remarkable locations, and beyond.

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